Friday, April 1, 2016

To Get Free Publicity, Think "Local"

How do you identify ... stories where you work ... ... stories about yourself or your ... you can pitch to the media in the hope of getting somefree ... re

How do you identify newsworthy stories where you work Forex Trading Brokers: Helping You With Your Investing Demands or


Especially newsworthy stories about yourself or your company

that you can pitch to the media in the hope of getting some

free publicity.

By remembering a semi-famous quote from the Calorie Shifting late Speaker Of

The House Of Representatives, Tip O'Neill.

'All politics is Msls31 Dll local.'

In a sense, all news is local because even global issues

often have a local impact.

Here are some powerful strategies aprilseforummix for spotting opportunities

when they present themselves.

'Piggybacking' simply means putting How to Boost Your Immunity? a fresh or different

twist on something that's already in the news. You might

have you 2100 Detection Error On Hdd0 seen a story on the Today Show that reflects

something that's happening in your industry. Call the

station that airs the Today Show and offer a 'local angle.'

They'll probably interview you as part of the story.

You can piggyback on news A Closer Look at Car Insurance and Home Insurance items, trends, holidays, or

community events - the possibilities never end.

Trends and new ideas and technologies make for good stories.

When my wife and I opened the first South Texas Subway

Sandwich Shop inside a convenience store, we got a front-

page write-up in The San Top Silicon Valley Talent Acquisitions Antonio Business Journal. It

included a color picture of us standing in front of our

location. Buying an equal amount of ad space would have cost

about eight thousand dollars.

If you're part of a large company or organization

(university, non-profit, etc) and you've got a lot of people

who are qualified to comment on a wide variety of topics,

create and distribute a directory. It can be Memory Dll elaborate or

simple - as long as your media contacts can find a suitable

expert quickly. Include names, titles, and contact numbers

(day and evening) and post your list on your web site.

Polls, surveys, tip sheets, and quizzes make great fillers.

Your data doesn't need to scientific or statistically

significant, just interesting. Unique contests, such as

Thrifty Rent-a-Car's annual Honeymoon Disasters Contest, can

generate tons of coverage.

The media love Internet Explorer Troubleshoot controversy and (despite frequent accusations

to the contrary) most go out of their way to present both

sides of a story. If you can offer a contrarian point of

view --and you can explain your case--reporters will often

give you an opportunity

You can get the media's attention to publicize upcoming

events: classes, open houses, free demonstrations, visits by

celebrities. Publicity before the event helps spark interest

and boost attendance.

Human-interest stories are everywhere, including your

business. Think about people in your company, group, or

organization. Does someone have an intriguing hobby? Pitch

their story to the local media.

Even the weather and climate can give you a hook for free

publicity. Homebuilders and remodelers can offer tips about

saving energy. Doctors can suggest tips avoiding colds and

flu during the winter.

TV stations and cable channels, radio stations, newspapers,

magazines, trade publications, and newsletters 0x8007007a - both print

and electronic - have huge amounts of time and space to


There are more opportunities than ever, and competition is

fierce for advertising dollars, viewers and subscribers. The

secret to success knowing exactly what they're looking for -

and giving it to them with a local twist.

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